Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm going to have a little girl! Phoebe Jo.

It became real as Tom and I watched the baby wiggle and kick on the computer screen. I'm going to be a mom! A mom of a little girl. Am I ready? I'm getting there. Am I ready for the daily battle it will take to get her hair into a pony tail? Am I ready to be a barbie doctor? Am I ready for the high pitched screams and giggles? Am I ready for the drama? Not yet, luckily mommies grow as little girls grow. I'm anxiously awaiting your arrivial - Phoebe Jo Fuerst.


Grammy said...

I'm going to have a grandaughter! Her name is Phoebe Jo! I am her mommy's mommy. And I remember the ponytails (although most of the time her hair stayed in a posture of disarray), the giggles and squeals, the drama, etc. I hope she turns out just like her mom, what a fantastic thing that would be! Grammy

Faith said...

I love the name!

melitsace said...

This is so cute. Congrats to you two. I am anxious to watch your journey unfold. Little girls are fun!