Thursday, November 4, 2010

Favorite recent Phoebe moments...

It has been a long time since I posted. Mothering two is a full-time and a half job :) I wanted to record some of my favorite Phoebe moments as of late ...
- Yesterday I heard her singing "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..." How sweet to hear the name of the savior on your daughters lips.
- She kisses her brother all the time. She loves him so much. She just has to be reminded to be gentle!
- Whenever she leaves the room. She sticks up her little pointer finger and says so sweetly, "I'll be right back."
- She asks why to everything. I think she just wants to prolong the conversation!
- I love when she hasn't seen me for even five minutes, she runs up and hugs me at my knees.
- Watching her make friends. How she'll hold their hands and chat them up.
- How she intently builds a tower just to knock it down with glee once she is done.
- Whenever there is music she just has to dance! Which now includes spinning in circles till she falls down.
- When we drive up to our house she throws up her hands and shouts home. She also shouts church when we drive into the parking lot.
- How she holds your hand when you pray and says amen at the end.

I love my little girl and am thankful for her everyday. Amen.


Lynn Haven UMC Praise Team said...
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Juliece said...

I think God gives us little glimpses of Heaven when He allows us to enjoy our children this way. She is beautiful, Cassie! We love you guys!