Friday, September 30, 2011

Two thoughts together?

As a mom of young children there are days where I can't seem to put two logical thoughts together let alone write a cohesive paragraph. When I blog, I want to have something profound or witty to say. Needless to say -- I haven't blogged recently. This pressure I put on myself is part and parcel of my habit of demanding myself to perform well -- always. But you know there are days this lady doesn't even get into the shower until 3 p.m. or later. Praise be to God who loves us not for what we do but for who we are. He rejoices most in us not when we turn in a perfect performance but when we delight in Him and just reach out for His embrace. I don't really care that Phoebe says roon instead of room or that she runs into wall after wall because she fails to look ahead. What I do care about is that she feels loved, secure, and wants to give her mommy hugs.


Tiffany said...

amen! I've often wondered if I'll ever get my brain back. :) But, this is a great reminder that it's not about doing, but being. Thanks for writing this!

Kelley Close said...

Love love LOVE this. It's so true. We constantly put a 'measure' on what we're supposed to be delivering that we forget what really matters. I hate that my son always bumps into things, but I love that he knows he can come to me for comfort...and does. Well said, friend. Well said.

Cassie said...

Thanks friends for the encouragement. We mamas have to stick together :)