Sunday, December 28, 2008

Moving Baby

It is simply amazing to feel the baby move inside of you. At 28 weeks, Phoebe is moving all day long. When I'm resting, it is just like she wants me to know she is there. Tom felt her move for the first time on Christmas day. Before that he was convinced she was freezing him out. :) Now, I can even see my belly shake when I am lying on my back. Pregnancy is truly a miracle.


Erin Crisp said...

It is crazy huh!
We miss you guys. Isaiah told us today that when Miss Cassie's baby is born he's going to teach the baby how to dance. :) We're all excited for you!

Tom 1st said...

Do you think Isaiah would also be willing to teach me to dance?

djpb said...

I watched videos on YouTube with babies moving inside the mama's belly. It was freeeaky, and I studied babies in college. I bet it's super cool to feel and watch. I hope y'all are doing great.