Thursday, January 22, 2009

Managing a Big Belly

So at 32 weeks pregnant, I've got a pretty big belly. This week, I'm having trouble maneuvering with it.
Take evidence A. Yesterday, I went to have lunch with a friend at the seminary's cafeteria. I've got my tray filled with chicken fingers and reach for two glasses to fill with apple juice. As I turn with the glasses to the juice machine, my belly hits the tray. You guessed it -- the tray goes flying. The plate smashes into a dozen pieces and there are chicken fingers all over the floor. My first reaction is to bend down and pick up the chicken fingers. As I begin to bend, I almost lose my balance and fall. My friend steadies me and tells me someone will take care of it. At this moment embarrassment sets in. I feel my face flush hot. Did I mention how busy the cafeteria was? It took me 20 minutes to recover. By the time I told Tom about it, I was having a good laugh at my antics.
Now take evidence B. Today's weather was a balmy 40 so I decided to walk down to the bank with the store's deposit instead of drive. Though 40 is hot compared to last week, once you get walking it gets kind of chilly. So about 10 yards into my excursion, I decide to try to zip my coat instead of hold it shut. With a little bit of effort, I get it shut. I'm feeling good I can still zip it up -- that is until I get back to the store. As I try to unzip the coat, it just won't budge past my bulging mid-section. Charley tries to help me unzip the coat, I suck in and she pulls as hard as she can. She tries using a rubber band as pulling leverage. After several attempts, we are both laughing so hard we are crying. It is a good thing there were no customers in the store. Finally we give it up as a lost cause. She hold my shirt as I peel the coat off over my head. As soon as I'm out of the coat it unzips easily. Believe me there will be no more zipping of coats!

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djpb said...

Haha, poor Cassie.
Your incidents make for great stories and great laughs.
It's good that you're able to laugh about things like that instead of stressing and crying about them.
I'm proud of you for laughing. :)