Saturday, April 17, 2010

Praying with Phoebe

So Phoebe is one year old now and becoming her own person. She loves to chatter, but doesn't say very many clear words yet. One of her first is yeah. You ask her a question and her answer most of the time is yeah. She is so agreeable :)

Each night before bed. we read books, sing songs, and lastly pray. We usually thank God for things that happened through the day. We pray for our family, our friends, her new little brother on the way. After each statement, my precious daugher affirms the prayer with her sweet "yeah!" It's almost like she is amening me. I love it. Our prayer time is becoming my favorite time of the day. Her participating in prayer reminds me to come to my heavenly Father like a little child - simply affirming the Good He has created all around.

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