Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It seems life if full of waiting.

Each day we wait for something ... whether it's the microwave to beep or a house to sell.

I've not been a good waiter lately.

I'm getting anxious. I want to know something, anything about our future. What state we'll be in is a good start. I want assurance that all will be well. I want to know I'll have time to settle into a new home before our son arrives. I want to quit my job so I can have a few months with just Phoebe and me. I want... I want... I want...

It's these times of uncertainty that God invites me to rest. Rest my racing mind. Rest my load of wants at His feet. Rest in that He knows well.

But who knew resting could be so hard?


Erin Crisp said...

Terribly difficult! When you have direction it will be so sweet. Thinking of you and praying for you friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie,
My name is Leah Irby and I work at Lynn Haven United Methodist Church. I was reading your's and Tom's blogs for glimpses into this new associate pastor family every one is talking about.
I completely and utterly connected with this particular blog entry and just wanted to share my excitement that God has shown direction in atleast a couple of these things you were waiting on. Yay!
Excited to meet and share some life together,