Saturday, July 17, 2010

My shoe queen

My daughter loves her shoes.

This morning at 7 a.m. Tom goes and gets a crying Phoebe from her bed and sticks her in between us. At 7:30 she starts wiggling wanting out of bed. Down she goes and off into her room. I hear her rustling around and about 5 minutes later she appears with a pair of shoes. She shouts, "Shoes! Shoes!" insisting she put them on that very moment.

She chooses her own shoes each day. She doesn't care if they match. She seems to have a different favorite each day. She loves shoe stores and goes crazy picking shoes up and trying to put them on her feet.

Phoebe loves other people's shoes. Last week at church she tried to steal a lady's beautiful pair of black patten heels. At least she has really good taste.

I have a feeling that one day, my daughter will have a whole closet full of shoes. I hope she chooses a profession that will support her habit :)

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