Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Somewhere in the middle

Life for the Fuersts is somewhere in the middle. We are not yet Floridians, but no longer Kentuckians. We are in Missouri for the next week or so ... but living out of suitcases. Tom commented today that he truly feels nomadic. I think so do I ...
Phoebe is doing the best with our middleness. She is at home as long as her daddy and mommy are around. It also helps to have her same trusty night time blanket.
I think I could learn from her. As long as my heavenly father is near, I can be home wherever I lay my head for the night. He is taking care of me no matter my state residence.
I should also look into a trusty blanket of some sort; it really does seem to help :)


Julie Eadie said...

Nice thoughts here. We are looking forward to Lynn Haven, Florida being your home. - Julie Eadie

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I well-know the feeling of transition, having moved quite a few times during my 20+ years of marriage.

Enjoy the break. Moving is difficult, no matter how great of a place you move to.

I am looking forward to getting to know you through your blog (as well as when you get here)!!

Greeneyes said...

I have my Snoopy stuffed animal from my childhood, but my husband has issues with him sleeping in our bed.... ??? :) I have moved 7 times in my married life, so I understand the trials and joys of moving. Please let us know if you need help. See you soon!