Monday, December 13, 2010

Phoebe in Big Church ...

So from time to time I take Phoebe into big church for worship. She loves the music and I love to see her dance. Yesterday was an adventure. The crazy woman that I am I take both kids in with me. No car seat for Tommy - just holding him in my arms. First two songs go great. Phoebe is dancing and smiling. I am enjoying just watching her cut the rug in God's house. Then Tom gets up to do announcemnts. Phoebe yells, "Daddy!" and before I know it she is running down the aisle. I am thinking to myself, "When did she get so fast?" So I take off after her with Tommy in tow. I hear gasps from suprised people as we run past. I hear footsteps behind me and my friend Janet scoops up Tommy so I can try to catch my daugher. I finally catch her three rows from the front. She is not happy at being thwarted. She begins yelling, "I want daddy!" At this point people are trying to stifle their giggles at our crazy perdicament.
We get back to our seats after much protesting from Phoebe. The next song starts and she is once again content with dancing in the seat next to me. I turn to look at the screen then look back to see her on the floor crying. She took a dive in just a few seconds and the good smarartins behind us are trying to help her off the floor. I decided it's time to go. We'll try it again some other time - maybe when Tom doesn't do announcements :)

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Anonymous said...

This is priceless! What is funnier is that at first, I thought I was reading Tom's blog (he's a little more regular of a blogger than you are, but I forgive you).

Hang in there. Easy days are ahead...give or take five or six years.