Thursday, January 6, 2011

Phoebe and Tommy are getting so big ...

Phoebe can now do so many things including ...
Jumping up and down.
Sing twinkle twinkle little star (thanks to grandma)
Open doors.
Put her shoes on.
Eat very successfully with a fork and spoon.
Carry her own bag of stuff into church.
Open skype when my computer is up.
Climb into her car seat.
Climb up and go down slides on her own.
Throw Jet his ball then chase after it herself.
Say please and thank you when she is in the mood.
Set the table (sort of).
Help put laundry in the dryer.
Talk you almost into anything (I think she gets this from her dad.)

Tommy is learning new things too. He can...
Grab things he is aiming for.
Sit supported by a pillow or couch.
Roll over.
Pull himself up with a little help.
Put EVERYTHING in his mouth.
Goo and Gaa.
Laugh the most adorable little laugh.
Follow his sister everywhere with his eyes.
Charm the ladies.

My kids are growing and learning and they are teaching mommy things too.
I am learning that...
a messy house sometimes means happier kids.
stolen moments for yourself are necessary.
running in the yard is a lot of fun.
you can pray for the same person 12 times a day.
peaches and toast make a good lunch.
kisses do cure a lot of ailments.
patience develops through hard moments.
love ever expands.

It will be fun to see how we all grow over the next months.

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